Minibus Walkaround Checks

Walkaround Checks need to be completed every day, use our free app to help.

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Help complete and manage your minibus walkaround checks with our free app, My Minibus Manager.

What is a minibus walkaround check?

A minibus walkaround check is completed by the driver or another member of staff, to look for any obvious issues with the vehicle.

These checks need to be carried out every day, or before every journey, to ensure that the minibus is ready to go and that there are no new issues such as a bald or flat tyre, chip in the windscreen, insufficient fuel, or any new damage to the bodywork.

By completing these checks, drivers can rest assured they've done all they can for a problem-free journey, and that they will not be held responsible for any accidental damage that wasn't noticed before.

My Minibus Manager allows you to complete and manage these minibus walkaround checks. It is free to use whether you are a Rivervale customer or not.

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How does our free app, My Minibus Manager, help?

Our free app is downloadable from the Apple or Google app store and enables you to complete a 12-point check, or a more in-depth 40-point check on your phone or tablet, providing you have internet access. There are instructional videos for both checks on the app, so first-time 'checkers' can be confident they know all they need to do. It is easy to use with a simple yes or no answer, and if there are issues you can add notes and a photo to detail any problems.

Over 1300 checks are completed daily using our app

How are the results of the minibus walkaround checks managed?

If your organisation wants to use My Minibus Manager, the first thing you need to do is create an account via Once your account is created you will have access to a simple-to-use dashboard, through which you can invite your drivers via email.

Once they have received your email they can download the app and register a password. Their checks will appear on the dashboard, and you can see any issues reported and make a note of when they are fixed.

Why are minibus walkaround checks necessary?

Under a Section 19 Permit: 'Daily walkaround checks must be undertaken each time before a vehicle is used and are checks on things like engine oil, brakes, tyre pressures, warning instruments, lights, windscreen washers and wipers. They're usually undertaken by drivers.' Source: GOV.UK - Section 19 and 22 permits and obligations: not for profit passenger transport

For drivers, especially in organisations with multiple drivers, a walkaround check helps prevent issues out on the road that they will be held personally responsible for by the police or DVSA, such as a bald tyre.

That could cost the driver £2500 and three points on their licence. By taking 10 minutes to complete the walkaround check, you'll know your vehicle has no obvious issues that could ruin your journey or land you in trouble.

Is a walkaround check the same as a safety inspection?

Walk around checks are not the same as Minibus Safety Inspections. Safety Inspections are completed by qualified engineers every 6 or 10 weeks. Both walkaround checks and Safety Inspections are required, as well as regular services and MOTs.

Confused about minibus checks and inspections?

Our online Minibus Management Course is designed for anyone involved in managing or driving a minibus under a Section 19 Permit, and explains all the requirements including checks, inspections and maintenance.

Want to know more about safety inspections?

You are required to carry our a daily walk-around check before each vehicle journey as well as full safety inspections carried out by an independent and qualified engineer.

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