Section 19 Permits

Most of our minibus customers operate under a Section 19 Permit – this page explains what they are and the conditions required to hold one.

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What is a Section 19 Permit?

The Section 19 Permit is a small disk that is placed in the front windscreen of each of your minibuses. They will last 5 years, and are issued by the DVSA at the cost of £11. However, the permit can be taken away if the DVSA requirements are not followed.

Owning a Section 19 Permit will remove your need for a PSV Operator's License. This means your business or school will be able to operate their minibuses without any additional commercial training or costs, such as a transport manager, drivers with D1 entitlement or CPC training.

This permit can be given to a non-profit school or organisation, or one which has a charitable status. One will not be granted if a business profits from their minibus operations.

The vehicle in question is only allowed to be used by the business who requested the permit, so if the vehicle is being lent to another organisation, they will need a Section 19 Permit of their own. If you use multiple vehicles, they will each need their own permit whilst they are actively in use. If the minibus is retired over a school holiday, for example, it will not need a permit during that time.

Image: a Section 19 Permit - a small disk that is displayed in the minibus windscreen

What are my obligations under a Section 19 Permit

  1. Drivers must adhere to all standard road laws as well as being 21 or over. Drivers without D1 entitlement can not driver vehicles with a GVW over 3.5 tonnes.
  2. Drivers without D1 entitlement can not drive for hire or reward or any other consideration, except out-of-pocket expenses.
  3. The vehicle must be well maintained. See our information on Minibus Safety Inspections and walkaround checks for more information.
  4. Each minibus must be run in a non-commercial and non-profit context, it cannot carry members of the public. However, you can charge to cover running costs.

Can my drivers earn a wage under the Section 19 Permit?

You can pay your minibus drivers under a Section 19 Permit, if they have D1 entitlement on their licence, which can be a part of your costs of transport that you are able to get covered.

How do I get a Section 19 Permit?

In order to get a permit, you must complete a DVSA application form and submit it online along with the payment of £11.

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