Minibus Management Course

An online course to help drivers and all those involved with the minibus understand their responsibilities.

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Be confident you understand everything involved in running minibuses with the UK's only Minibus Management Course, written specifically for schools and charitable organisations.

This must-have course is suitable for any organisation looking to educate its staff on how to manage a safe and legal minibus operation.

Originally launched in 2018, the Minibus Management Course was written with the aid of a former senior traffic commissioner, and is approved by RoSPA. In 2022 the course was updated to include new and revised legislation, and refreshed to provide an even more informative but enjoyable experience.

If you have not completed the MMC recently, or are new to the course - it is a must-have element of any school's or organisation's minibus training materials.

"I felt it was really well pitched and it gave me all the information I needed to know."
- Caroline Brawley, Director of Operations, Downside School

Who is the Minibus Management Course for?

Bursars & Administrators

Bursars and administrators will gain insights into necessary maintenance planning, budgeting, and compliance with transportation regulations. They will learn about the importance of evidencing checks, maintaining records, and the duration for keeping this information. Their role in ensuring the fiscal and legal responsibility of the school's transportation system is crucial.


Drivers can be reassured they're driving with the right licences. They will understand that they must take some responsibility for the maintenance of the vehicle, and for completing regular checks to make their trips more enjoyable and to protect themselves from fines and points if there are issues with the minibus.

Facilities Managers

Facilities Managers will understand the bigger picture of all the elements required to run a legal minibus operation, and will learn how other staff involved with the minibus can help with management and maintenance - as well as taking steps to reduce common accidents.

Heads & Governors

Heads and Governors will be able to make better-informed decisions on buying/leasing vehicles, and who can drive them. They will also be empowered to make decisions on further driving training where it's needed.

What is included in the online Minibus Management Course?

The Minibus Management Course is split into 4 sections, to make the information more manageable. You will find top tips and help throughout the course to help you implement best practice advice and create the safest minibus policies possible.

Legal Framework

This section will ensure you are operating under the right licence or permit, have the correct maintenance arrangements for your vehicles, and understand what is required to retain a Section 19 Permit.


On completing this section, you will understand why it is vital to know the weight of your vehicles and how this affects who can drive them. It will explain the requirements for maintaining roadworthy vehicles, and help educate drivers and staff about their responsibilities and liabilities.


Drivers are an organisation's biggest risk when it comes to minibuses. This section gives information on correct driving licences, checks, training, fatigue, and risk assessments. Drivers themselves will understand the role they have to play in minibus safety to protect themselves, their passengers, and their organisation's reputation.

The Journey

This final section challenges you to think about the planning your organisation has in place for journeys, with ideas for everyday contingency plans and emergency protocols.

Saving money with the Minibus Management Course

Understanding licences, vehicle weights, safety inspections, daily checks and the on-the-road challenges of driving a minibus will dramatically increase your safety levels and enable you to implement a comprehensive safety system. Your drivers will be more aware of the vehicle they are driving and so are less likely to accidently damage your minibus by forgetting it's height or width.

Our insurance broker partner, James Brown and Sons Ltd, offer reduced premiums for schools who have completed the online Minibus Management Course. We guarantee that everyone who completes the MMC will learn something that they will be able to do to make their organisation's minibus operations safer or more compliant.

You can download your completion certificates and proudly display them in your foyer, on social media or on your website so your customers/parents/service-users can see that you take minibus safety seriously.

Pricing - The online MMC is available on a subscription basis for a period of 12 months with two options for access.

£195 for four logins (usually £195)

£395 for unlimited users (usually £395) with the same email domain, for example:

(All prices exclude VAT)

The cost of the MCC can easily be recovered with the savings on a three-year fixed premium term of the minibus insurance offered by James Brown and Sons Ltd.

Any Questions?

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