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Assess your drivers regularly, easily and affordably with our online driver assessment

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Our online risk driver assessment is the simplest way to assess and improve all your drivers' skills

Developed by a leading risk-assessment software company, and trusted by many larger companies, this online assessment tool is a reliable way to not only risk-assess but also to provide additional training. Rivervale has included minibus-specific questions and training for its online assessment customers, so they can be sure it is 100% relevant for all their drivers.

If you are an employer, you are required by Health and Safety Law to risk-assess your drivers, and this platform enables you to send assessment instructions to all your drivers, and see their results and training progress.

What is your risk factor as a driver?

Assess your new and existing drivers simply and easily with Rivervale's online driver risk assessment, which gives you a very clear result of low, medium or high risk for every driver.

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What is included in the assessment?

The assessment contains 12 questions in four different areas: attitude, knowledge, hazard perception, and concentration and observation. Using videos and graphics, the assessment is straightforward and engaging. You can take a sample assessment for free here. Once completed, the assessment will immediately give you your risk rating of high, medium or low for each of the four areas, and an overall score of high, medium or low risk.

  • Attitude
  • Knowledge
  • Hazard perception
  • Concentration

Four online training modules to complete

Regardless of your score, you will be given four online training modules that will include some minibus-specific information. Your school or organisation will be able to see which training modules each driver has completed, and can give a gentle reminder via email if any training has not been completed. All information is downloadable from the system to make reporting easy, but drivers themselves can see their own results and progress, and no one else's.

How does it work?

To get started, you purchase a number of assessment codes, depending on how many drivers you want to assess. Once you've purchased your codes, we will create a client account and dashboard for you, branded with your logo and including any policy documents you would like your staff to confirm they've read.

You then log in and email a code to each of your drivers, allowing them to set up an account with their own password. When each assessment is completed, you can view the results. If you want to reassess your drivers after a given time, you can allocate them another assessment from within the system.

Choose your annual pricing plan, which includes setup. Each code provides an assessment and training for one driver, and you can allocate them as you see fit throughout the year.

10 Codes - £195

25 Codes - £345

50 Codes - £595

100 Codes - £995

* Prices exclude VAT

Want your drivers to have D1 entitlement?

With D1 entitlement, your drivers can be paid to drive (up to 16 passengers) and there are no vehicle weight restrictions. Rivervale has worked with over 2000 schools, and has proven success in helping drivers pass first time.

Confused about who needs driver training and why?

Our online Minibus Management Course is designed for anyone involved in managing or driving a minibus under a Section 19 Permit, and explains all the requirements including driver training and licences.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions or queries, please give us a call on 01869 253 744, or complete the form and we'll get back to you ASAP.