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Minibus Safety Inspections

Over 12,000 Safety Inspections were completed by us in 2021

If your organisation operates a minibus under a Section 19 Permit, you are required by the DVSA to carry out Minibus Safety Inspections every 6 or 10 weeks (depending on the age of your vehicle). Inspections must be completed by qualified engineers.

Rivervale, the new home of Castle Minibus, is the largest provider of Minibus Safety Inspections in the UK. We make the process effortless for you and your organisation by coming to your premises, so no dropping off and picking up your vehicles. Our engineers completed over 12,000 inspections in 2021. You don't have to be a Rivervale customer to have us complete these inspections for you — just give us a call and we can make all the necessary arrangements.

Why use Rivervale for your Minibus Safety Inspections

Walkarounds vs Inspections - They are not the same thing

Walkarounds vs Inspections - They are not the same thing

Minibus Safety Inspections are a mandatory requirement under a Section 19 Permit; The DVSA recommends they are completed by qualified engineers every 10 weeks (every 6 weeks for vehicles of 12 years and over).

Minibus walkaround checks are completed by staff or drivers (non-engineers) daily or each time the vehicle is used to spot any obvious issues. (Learn more here)

Both inspections and checks need to be completed on top of regular services and MOTs.

Who needs Minibus Safety Inspections?

Minibus Safety Inspections are required if you are operating your minibuses under a Section 19 Permit or a PSV Operator's Licence. Minibus Safety Inspections are not an advisory; they are a mandatory requirement, in addition to services and MOTs.

The Government's Guide to Roadworthiness states:

Operational needs must not override safety considerations. Safety inspections should, where it is practicable, be programmed to follow a time-based pattern.

Why are Minibus Safety Inspections every 10 weeks?

The Government's Section 19 and 22 Permit recommendations for vehicles under 10 years of age state: 'bearing in mind that passengers are to be carried on your vehicle, and possibly a number of different drivers used, you should carry out more frequent safety checks. DVSA recommend that inspections are carried out at least every 10 weeks.'

Read the full Government advice here in Section 11.3

Safety Inspection details on the Section 19 Permit application

From May 2021 the application form for the Section 19 Permit requires you to evidence your Minibus Safety Inspections and provide details of who is carrying out the maintenance on your vehicles. You are required to submit supporting evidence that you are having this maintenance carried out.

Rivervale Minibus is the UK's leading provider of minibus safety inspections for schools. We work with two national fleets of mobile engineers who will complete the inspections on your premises. For more information on Section 19 Permit and safety inspections visit the gov website.

Why are Minibus Safety Inspections every 10 weeks?

Confused about minibus checks and inspections?

Our online Minibus Management Course is designed for anyone involved in managing or driving a minibus under a Section 19 Permit, and explains all the requirements including checks, inspections and maintenance.

Want to know more about walkarounds?

Get more information about how to carry out these frequent checks, and make sure you stay on top of any potential issues with your minibus.

Any Questions?

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Rivervale is rated 5 stars by Trustpilot and we are fast becoming one of the leading providers of safety inspections to organisations across the UK. Speak to our team today to get a quote and arrange your minibus safety inspections on 01273 433 480 or email at