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Used Vehicles at Rivervale

Introducing Rivervale's Car Sourcing Service

Spearheaded by Jeff Nailard — a well-known and loved member of Sussex's automotive trade. With a passion for cars that rivals a love story, Jeff's journey with Rivervale started in 1985 when he secured his first role as a service workshop cleaner and a car valeter. On Saturdays he was in the showroom with the rest of the sales team at Rivervale Mercedes-Benz learning the ropes.

After a mere year, Jeff shifted gears into vehicle sales, kickstarting a 38 year legacy as a trusted face in the industry. Trusted by over 5000 customers, Jeff's knack for finding the automotive needle in the haystack is legendary.

Jeff Nailard learning the ropes at Rivervale Mercedes-Benz
For All Your Used Vehicle Needs

Picture this: you tell us what you're after, and Jeff works his magic to unearth the best deals and top-quality cars tailored just for you. It's not just a service; it's an experience crafted by someone who eats, sleeps, and dreams cars.

Welcome to the future of used car buying.

Let's Get Started

At Rivervale Brighton, we're here to help you transition into your next vehicle smoothly, whether you're selling your current car or searching for a quality used vehicle. Our expert team simplifies the process, offering fair and accurate valuations that often exceed market rates. This makes it easy to swap your current car for your next one, ensuring a seamless & stress-free experience.

Our standout service is Vehicle Sourcing. Leveraging our vast network & industry expertise, we source vehicles of all makes & models based on your specified requirements. It's never been easier to find a vehicle that suits your lifestyle and budget. Experience the Rivervale Brighton difference today - where excellent service meets customer satisfaction.

Get in touch today to start the ball rolling and get behind the wheel of your dream car sooner.

For All Your Used Vehicle Needs

Our Process

  • SelectDiscuss your requirements, and we'll find the best cars from our network of dealers. We will sort part exchange, financing or warranty.
  • Our HomeworkWe research service history and background. Only top-quality cars are presented - Rivervale ensures excellence in your purchase.
  • DiscussWe advise, you choose.
  • Sit Back, We BuyRivervale inspects and pays for your new car.
  • Preparation TimeYour new car is meticulously prepared, serviced, and detailed at Rivervale.
  • The Big DayYour car is handed over at Rivervale or delivered to your door, ensuring every detail is covered and you're delighted!

Value Your Vehicle

Follow our simple form for a part exchange valuation

Welcome to our easy-to-use part exchange valuation tool. If you're considering upgrading your vehicle & wish to understand the value of your current car, this online platform will provide you with a swift and accurate assessment. Simply enter your vehicle's registration number, and our system will retrieve essential details, such as make, model, and mileage, to offer you an immediate valuation. This complimentary service is your first step towards an effortless exchange process.