Clubs & Societies Minibus Leasing

Minibuses perfectly suited for football and sports clubs.

Versatile Minibus Leasing Options for Clubs & Organisations

It’s not just schools and the education sector who need a minibus. All sorts of clubs, societies and groups including Scout troops, sports clubs, and community organisations use minibuses to transport their members.

You’ll be well looked after at Rivervale. Our leasing contracts are fully maintained so you can accurately budget for your minibus. There are no hidden costs so you can be sure that everything you need is included in your final agreed price. We have a wide range of vehicles of all makes, manufacturers, and sizes. You’re not limited to large 17 seat vehicles if you want, we have smaller 8 and 9 seat vehicles that can be driven on a standard car licence and don’t require a Section 19 Permit.

Citroen Spacetourer 9 Seat Minibus

Whatever your club or organisation does you’ll want to be well represented out on the road and there is nothing like a new minibus to show off your logo with plenty of room to add your sponsor’s logos too. We can help you with all these considerations and designs, so your minibus is delivered ready to go.

Whether for regular sports practice or special events, having a leased minibuses guarantees reliability. Your contract will be fully maintained so everything you need to do to maintain that vehicle is included. With features like blue tooth, reclining seats, and extra storage for equipment your passengers will always have a comfortable journey and arrive rested and in style. Avoid the hassle of cab hires or public transport; explore our range of models, including versatile 9 seaters, to find the perfect fit for your club's needs.

Our team have extensive industry experience and stay informed about current legislation and safety requirements, so they can answer any queries you may have.

Leasing not for you? We have used sale and 12 month hire options for clubs and societies looking to either purchase a vehicle or a short-term arrangement for the next 12 months.

Please do get in touch to discuss your options.