14 - 15 Seats Minibus Leasing

Minibuses With 14-15 Seats.

Elevate Your Group Travel with 14-15 Seat Minibus Leasing

Discover the perfect solution for transporting medium to large groups with our 14-15 seat minibus lease deals. Ideal for a variety of occasions, including sports events, weddings, corporate outings, and community services, our minibuses offer a reliable and comfortable travel experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of public transport or the cost of multiple taxis, and enjoy the convenience of moving your group in one efficient trip.

Our fleet features models from leading brands, equipped with the latest technology for safety and comfort. With spacious interiors, ample seating, and accessible entryways, these minibuses are designed to cater to your group's needs, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey for all. Choose our 14-15 seat minibus leasing options for an effortless and affordable group transportation solution.

Our 14 - 15 Seats Minibus Models

Ford Transit 410

14 - 15 Seats

Ford eTransit

15 Seats

Maxus Deliver 9

12-14 Seats - No Wheelchair

9-10 Seats - With Wheelchair

Maxus eDeliver 9

12-14 Seats - No Wheelchair

9-10 Seats - With Wheelchair