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ADAS Calibration

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Did you know?

More than 4 million vehicles on the road today are fitted with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB). That's over 10% of the car park! Thatcham Research has issued a position to enable the automotive industry to efficiently and safely repair ADAS:

If ADAS sensors, or parts that are in proximity to ADAS sensors, are included in a repair specification, calibration post repair must be completed to confirm sensors are functioning to the vehicle manufacturers' specified tolerances.

    Vehicle repairers should:
  • Assess for the presence of ADAS sensors and record the outcome clearly.
  • Research and seek guidance from relevant repair methods and calibration instructions.
  • Ensure all calibration activities are completed by current competent technicians.
  • Complete system calibrations in accordance with the relevant repair method / instruction.
  • Be able to demonstrate that the calibration of all affected sensors has been completed and that the results of the calibration confirms functionality within the vehicle manufacturer's specified tolerance - unless stated otherwise in the repair specification.
  • Where no specific repair guidance exists, and functionality cannot be proven through systemised calibration, then advice should be sought from the vehicle manufacturer's dealership network and appropriate action taken prior to vehicle release.
  • If vehicle manufacturer information states dynamic calibration, this should be completed and confirmed prior to vehicle release.

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ADAS Calibration Features

ECU (Electronic Control Units)

Electronic Control Units

  • Safety control (i.e. ESP, ACC)
  • Engine and transmission control
  • Brake and lighting control
  • Driver monitoring
  • In-cabin sensing
  • Gesture recognition
Front Radar Sensors

Front Radar Sensors

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Emergency brake assist
  • Stop & Go function
Front Camera Unit

Front Camera Unit

  • Speed limit display
  • Forward collision warning
  • Adaptive lighting
  • Rain/sun sensor
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Lane assist
Lidar Sensors

Lidar Sensors

  • Lane assist
  • Stop & Go function
  • Adaptive cruise control
Corner Sensors

Corner Sensors

  • Lane change assist
  • Cross traffic warning
  • 360º surround view
  • Blind spot detection
  • Electronic mirror replacement
Steering Angle Sensor

Steering Angle Sensor

  • Blind-spot detection
  • Autonomous driving
Surround View Cameras

Surround View Cameras

  • Rear camera
  • 360º cameras
  • Park assist
  • Blind spot mitigation
Infrared Camera

Infrared Camera

  • Night vision

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More Information

    IIR should be followed where the repair, service or maintanence of the following is undertaken
  • ADAS Sensors - Example Camera / Radar / LIDAR
  • Replacing the sensor / sensor control unit
  • Parts likely to affect the operation / functionality of ADAS sensors
  • Example brackets / mountings including removal and refitting
  • Vehicle geometry changes
ADAS Vehicle Sensors


What are UK Insurance Industry requirements (IIR)?

IIR is a guidance document set out by UK insurance companies and industry stakeholders.


Why was it created?

To support repairers to meet the UK insurer requirements for conducting repairs involving ADAS.


When does IIR apply?

IIR applies to repair, servicing or maintenence of vehicles fitted with ADAS systems.

ADAS Calibration from only £150

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