Striving for a better future

Our Environmental, Social & Governance Overview

Our Approach

As the company has grown, so has our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, & increasing our contributions to societal wellbeing in the local area. Inside the company, we constantly strive to improve the mental health & wellbeing of our employees wherever possible, whether it's through mental health charities such as BEN, or ongoing development of our employee resources to create a happier workplace.

BREEAM Certified Standards

Since planning permission was granted for the Rivervale House back in April 2015, our journey to becoming a more sustainable company kicked into gear. We agreed to adhere to and reach BREEAM certified standards for the new showroom, which allowed us to:

Our vision for a more sustainable workplace did not stop there. Since then, we have continued to work on our initiatives throughout the workplace such as increased recycling, organic clothing for staff uniforms & future plans for utilising more renewable energy sources.

Continued Local Charity Support

Our contribution to a wider community entails ongoing support for a few of our chosen local charities: The Rockinghorse Children's Charity, Chestnut Tree House & the Love Local Jobs foundation. These charities main focus are on the younger generation in the Sussex area. From providing life-saving medical equipment to local hospitals, to raising the life & career aspirations of the youth in the area, the goals of these charities perfectly align with our core values here at Rivervale.

Follow the links below to check out some of the programmes the charities have in place, & to see what they have been achieving:

Rivervale & Rockinghorse

Rockinghorse Logo

Here at Rivervale, we have chosen Rockinghorse Children's Charity as our Charity Vehicle Partner for 2023, & have a lot of exciting fundraising events planned for the year ahead.

These events have been organised to achieve a fundraising target of £10,000, to reach by the end of year where all proceeds will be going towards the charities ongoing efforts to provide life supporting, specialist projects & enhanced services for sick babies, children & young people throughout Sussex.

Our JustGiving Fundraiser

Employee Health & Wellbeing

As the lifeblood of Rivervale, our employees health & wellbeing is always a top priority. Working with the motor trade charity BEN, the Rivervale family always have support available to them if needed, to take control of their health & wellbeing so they can live their best lives both inside & out of Rivervale.

We're commited to offering personal & professional development to our employees wherever possible, to give them the oppertunity to reach their full potential & continue to reach higher levels in their careers.


Of our current company cars are Electric Vehicles


Trees planted through EV sales via our partnership with eForests

3 Chosen Charities

Chosen charities we provide ongoing support for through fundraisers & events


The Rivervale House adheres to BREEAM standards for a more sustainable workplace

5+ Annual Events

Hosted for our chosen charities, such as golf days & corporate dinners

Staff Wellbeing

Our employees are supported both in & out the workplace through the BEN charity

A word from our CEO

"We are delighted to be recognised as a forward thinking, environmentally conscious organisation however we all know that there is always more that can be done. We are exploring plans to further our renewable energy sources & continue to adapt to employee needs to ensure a healthy positive workforce and environment"

Vince Pemberton, Rivervale's Chief Executive Officer

What are we doing?

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eForests Initiative

Rivervale formed a partnership with eforests in January 2021, to plant a tree for every Electric Vehicle leased through us. So far, we've planted around 540 trees, but that number keeps on growing!

Eforests are a non-profit organisation helping combat climate change & restoring UK woodlands. You can check out all of the work they have been doing here.

Electric Company Cars

There are massive environmental & economic benefits to electric vehicles, which is why we have started offering EVs as compnay cars to our staff! So far, 71% of Rivervale's company cars are electric vehicles.

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